Meet our team

Meet our team….


Emily is our room leader in the Raindrops Room having worked with babies since leaving college.  She is qualified at Level 3 in Early Years and has a calm, soothing nature, with the younger children quickly forming a bond with her.







Paige originally came to us for a weeks work experience from her high school but asked to return to us as she furthered her education, completing her Level 3 and now working alongside Emily in the Raindrops Room.










Sam is the Curriculum Manager within the nursery as well as the room leader in the Sunbeams room.  She has a degree in Psychology and Child Development and is about to begin her Early Years Teaching course. Sam is also the SENCo within the nursery.   She has two young children of her own.








Hayley works within the Tot’s Room during term time helping her to support the children we have attending the nursery accessing the Two Year Old Funding.  Hayley has worked for many years with Pre-school aged children and is qualified at Level 3 in Early Years making her perfect to help get the children ready to move up into our pre-school room.







Nicole works alongside Sam in the Sunbeams Room and also works with the Out of School Club in the mornings, primarily with children who attend the Willows Primary School. Nicole is qualified at Level 2 in Early Years.










Jemma has recently become our Pre-school group leader taking over the running of the Rainbows Room.  She has previously worked with two year olds but is now focusing on the pre-school education of our 3-5 year olds in preparation for school.











Jeanette came to Little Potters as a student and completed her Level 2 within our nursery.  We were so impressed that we offered her a role in our pre-school room where she now works during term time, combining this with bringing up her own three children.  Jeanette is about to begin her Level 3 course at college.








Fallon has previously run our Out of School and Holiday club and now works for us on a part time basis as she completes her Masters at University. Fallon has been with us since September 2014 after completing her degree in Psychology with Child Language Development.  Fallon has also provided support for some of our children with additional needs.







Claire has been with the nursery for 14 years having worked in many roles during that time.  She is currently providing nutritious, delicious food for the children, catering for all dietary requirements whilst ensuring meals are healthy and varied.








Stacey joined the nursery in November 2016 quickly becoming one of the team and finding that her years of experience made her the perfect addition to our busy Pre-school room as well as being the nursery Deputy Manager.









Ceri has obtained qualified Early Years Teacher status and worked in childcare for sixteen years. Ceri has previously worked within all the rooms in the nursery, been a room leader in the baby room and Deputy Manager.   She now undertakes the role of  Manager within the nursery.









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