The Philosophy of Little Potters


At Little Potters we believe that the first five years are the most important in a child’s life. Never again are we able to learn as much and as quickly as we do in those first five years.

With good quality early learning your child will get a good start in life. We aim to ensure that, their learning environment, and their interactions with adults and friends are built on a foundation of respect. In order to define Little Potters we have carried out a great deal of research and rather than choose one source of information we have taken advice from the findings of the EPPE project the EYFS and the respectful care element of Emmi Pikler. We believe this respects the fact that children are unique and are born with a natural thirst for knowledge.





The children at Little Potters will be respected by adults and in turn will learn to respect their environment, the adults and other children in the nursery.


Children will be encouraged to help each other and explore their environment together free from adult interruption but knowing that the adults are around when they become frustrated and need a little guidance to explore further.

Most importantly of all at Little Potters life between the ages of birth and 5 will be fun and free from any pressure.

We offer a stimulating and caring environment where children are able to develop and grow at their own rate. We will provide a caring and exciting environment where each child’s individual needs are catered for no matter how complex these needs are. We realise that every child is an individual and great importance is given to this fact.


At Little Potters we build our caring and learning philosophy around four elements,

Respectful Care

       Freedom to Explore

        Sensory Exploration

                          The World of Story and Rhyme


The Respectful Care and Freedom to Explore elements originate from the Pikler approach to childcare. Emmi Pikler suggests that children from birth do not need “teaching” they need to be provided with opportunities to explore their environment independently.

Our role as adults, therefore, is to create an environment where children have the freedom to be individual and to provide support at appropriate times. Children need to be challenged and thrive on their own achievements. We have considered the elements of the EYFS and the two complement each other well.


Little Potters Ethos

We give children the opportunity to be independent thinkers, encouraging them to ask questions and solve problems for themselves. Adults will carefully watch children at play and then work with them to challenge them further to ensure they are reaching their full potential.