About us.

We are a friendly, welcoming day nursery based in Penkhull, Stoke on Trent catering for children from birth to 12 years old in our day care and before and after school club.

One of the hardest things you will ever have to do is to leave your child. Many of us are parents ourselves and completely understand how you feel. To walk away from your crying child is heart-breaking and we feel honoured that you have trusted us enough to care for and educate your child. However, we rely heavily on you to help us meet the individual needs of your child. No one knows them better than you. Your child will be cuddled and comforted by their key person and the whole team. We pride ourselves on settling your child in quickly and devote our time in the early days finding out what they are interested in and how we can help them with this transition.

We recognise that all families and all children are individuals and appreciate that in order to meet their needs we have to work with you to identify the needs of your child. We then continue this personalised approach and through our child weekly sheets we plan for them as individuals, setting appropriate next steps.  We have carried out considerable research over the years and our parents tell us they want to know all about their child’s day. We realise that even the smallest steps should be celebrated and shared, and we do this through photographs and conversation. Parents do not like to read pages and pages of information when a single picture can tell a thousand stories.  We promise you we will always be honest with you, even if the truth hurts. If your child cried all morning after you left, you don’t want to be told she didn’t cry for long at all. It is through this honesty that we can truly meet the needs of your child.

 We have notice boards in all of the rooms and we are happy to share ideas with you to carry on the learning at home. A child’s needs can be different every day. Our flexible approach allows children to explore and play alone, or with their friends, and with our qualified staff members. We teach your children all they need to know through play. We endeavour to respect your own unique parenting styles and working together we can ensure that your beliefs are embedded in the care we provide for you child. We will encourage your child to be independent and to learn at their own pace. We achieve this by providing a home from home environment, and whenever your child needs a hug or time to calm down we will work with them to help them understand and cope with their emotions.

As owners of the nursery we are passionate about the care and education that we provide. When it comes to personal attributes, passion and patience are the skills we look for in our team. Finding the right person to work with your children is our priority and our staff retention is excellent. We attribute this to their commitment to us but also our commitment to furthering their professional knowledge. Qualifications help us to ensure that we are well researched in the needs of children, which is why we have a team which includes graduates, master’s qualifications, and this September we will have staff working towards their doctorate in Early Childhood Education.  However, all children really want are adults who enjoy being with them. This passion and love for the job is what sets us apart. The whole team treat every child with the respect and love that they would afford their own children.

It is easy to talk the talk and produce enticing literature, the best way to get a feel for the nursery is to come and see for yourself. Talk to the team and spend time in the rooms hear the children laughing and singing that way you will know in your heart if you can trust us with your child.

You can find our most recent Ofsted report here.

We are determined to maintain our family friendly ethos will striving to become the number one child care provider in Stoke on Trent.

Come along and see for yourself that we are the best place to support and nourish your child’s development as they learn the skills and gain the confidence that will set them up for life.